My Polo Work (The Video) 21:46 min


This video is about the content of this blog. It is a humble example of my work with Polo horses .  An overview of some days of work, it is very difficult to summarize in almost 22 minutes the whole experience, which one can tell or transmit. I hope that meets the expectations of those interested in the subject.

I would like to those who are starting, to find here the interest and emotion, aroused by this sport. Besides to living together with the team, the most important is the time share with a very intelligent and this noble animal, the horse..

This is a home-made video, produced in HD,  below you can select the desired quality depending on the capacity of your computer. Hope you enjoy it.

It begins with images of my father Carlos M. Zaballa who introduced me into this amazing world of horses, with whom I am very grateful. Then you will see different views of the ranch of my cousin where I made this video, after this the preparation and saddling.  Also the horse working in how to make turns  properly changing hands, mouth and handling the corrections of posture, who must learn how to work relaxed, which is necessary for a good polo horse. At the end a short practice with the stick.

Ignacio J. R. Zaballa


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