New Zealand, forever

New Zealand, a country of a special attraction for its geography and its people. I had a rough idea of what NZ, through family and friends, but at this point of my age, never thought it would be so shocking. It is the country in which I want my dreams come true, like being able to raise my children and live doing what I love, surrounded by good people and horses. I hope that this can fulfill soon. Anyway this memory remained seared into me.


I came to New Zealand, for holidays and visit friends without my family, and for nearly two months, that seemed days, this country has continually surprises me. To know the people and how they live. I searched through “HELPX”, this provides lists of jobs in exchange for food and accommodation, but not only that, I founded the love and friendship that these people offers naturally.







Some of those people having said this about me…

Hello Ignacio If you were coming to the West Coast we would love to have you stay here. From your profile and reviews, you sound as though you would fit in here very well/ And I am sure you would enjoy it. Hoping to hear from you. Thomas

References received from hosts (2)
Host Name: Barbara and Simon Host Listing
Network: New Zealand Date: July 21, 2013
Ignacio came to stay with us at a time when I had to leave to go to Christchurch as my mother was in hospital, so I only met him for a very short time. He appeared friendly & considerate.On my return I am thrilled with the tasks he has carried out for us. My windows were in a need of cleaning, the shower has been descaled & our slimy wooden steps waterblasted. Thankyou Ignacio. Barbara
It was great to have someone whom you didn’t have to explain how to do a job. In fact Nacho was telling me the best way to do things …and he was right! I found he was a craftsman of many talents which is rare in NZ, including good conversation at meal times. Would love him to be able to return….we have a long list for him now!!! Thanks Simon 

Host Name: Jane Callaghan Host Listing
Network: New Zealand Date: June 29, 2013
Ignacio – What a nice chap. Super tidy and polite. Very calm and generous.
Our family really enjoyed this Spanish speaking horseman. We benefited from his many skills and steady workman like approach to practical jobs.
I will miss his calm nature and gentle ways.
It is not easy to shift into the life of 3 head strong boys and a busy home life but this man was so adept at easing his way around our life that he could have been here a life time.
His horse knowledge is sound and his energy with the horses is calm and compelling. They were very respectful and willing in his company. 
We will miss this gaucho – horse man. He is welcome back at any time.
Good luck Nacho we wish you well.






















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